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Saving Lake Hayes for future generations

Our mission is to ensure the restoration of Lake Hayes water quality through research, catchment control and restoration.

Please sign this petition to STOP stormwater from the proposed Ladies Mile development entering Lake Hayes.

FOLH view is that the proposed sediment-laden stormwater overflow design as proposed is unacceptable, especially as this risk can be avoided by moving overland flows across SH6 and out of the catchment to a non-sensitive water body with the capacity to absorb the run off with minor effect on the environment.

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A big thank you to Martin Barwood, who gave a presentation of his amazing photography at our AGM.
Lake Hayes is a wildlife reserve – it is awesome to see these birds living around the lake.
Please do not let your dogs roam near the bird's habitats!
You can follow Martin's work on Instagram and Facebook: (@martinbarwood)
Friends of Lake Hayes (Wai Whakaata) Society Inc.
Chair’s Annual Report for year ending 2023.

QLDC Te Pūtahi Ladies Mile Hearing

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The FOLH Chairman, Mike Hanff has presented to the QLDC Te Pūtahi Ladies Mile Hearing, on our opposition to the proposed storm water discharging into Lake Hayes.

"Given that a big part of the Lake Hayes remediation work is funded through rates, if QLDC continue to support a stormwater design with run-off into Lake Hayes, QLDC need to be able to explain to the community whether they remain committed to improving the health of Lake Hayes. If QLDC is committed to improving the Lake’s health, how do they intend to cover the costs associated with cleaning up storm water problems generated by Ladies Mile entering the Lake after the event."

130,000 plants, sediment traps, predator traps, fencing, weed control and much more...

Mana Tāhuna Charitable Trust plans to restore the existing regionally significant wetland at the northern end of Lake Hayes between Mill Creek and Rutherford Road via the removal of exotic vegetation and replanting with natives. The restoration project represents a significant change in vegetation coverage as well as the return of indigenous flora biodiversity to the Lake Hayes catchment, a prominent recreation location within the Queenstown Lakes District. The replanting of the area will help support and enhance existing terrestrial and freshwater ecological values with an aim to significantly improving water quality, biodiversity, and habitat.
Follow Mana Tāhuna for progress updates and notices about upcoming community planting days in September.

Artist's impressions (by Patch Landscape) of the final result of the Te Waiwhakaata Lake Hayes Wetland Restoration Plan... 

Read the latest report:

Lake Hayes

State of Environment 2023 by Marc Schallenberg and
Sorrel O'Connor-Milne

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Otago Region Water Plan Appeals
Read the evidence presented by FOLH

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Keep up to date with the
Otago Regional Council's actions and plans



Download the Lake Hayes Restoration and Monitoring Plan PDF 

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Download the

NIWA Lake Hayes Water Quality Remediation options PDF 

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